Sparkle up your Crystals and Rocks...

Your crystals and stones create miracles for you.

They care about you, cleanse you, and even whisper to you. It makes sense to give them cleanse them and give them some loving care.

Our Blessed Crystals come to you preciously cleansed and abundantly blessed. The blessing never leaves and the cleansing lasts for a long's how you know when to clean them again and the how to's to make it easy.


Trust thyself. Intuition is everything with your rocks. If you look at one of your crystals or stones and it looks "sad", it needs some TLC.

If you use a crystal daily for clearing energy or working on yourself, it will need cleaning more frequently. A safe timeline is every 30-60 days.


Think about the mantra "OM". It is a universal sound for Oneness. Sound permeates all things at a vibrational level and is one of the most potent ways to clean a crystal.

Place your stones out on your table or desk. Tune into our favorite Mystic Sound Healing Singing Bowls and bathe those stones in the glorious sounds of Tibetan Bowls. If you have your own signing bowl, have at it.

Spark up one of our Shortie Incense Sticks to lift up the vibe immediately.


There's nothing quite like a warm flow of water over our crystals. If you feel your stones have been working hard and holding onto some heavy energy, wash them with a soft flow of warm water or place in warm water with a dash of salt.

Not every crystal is hard enough to be placed in water.

Here are the ones you can: Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Agate, Aventurine, Jasper, Tiger's Eye.

Crystals that end in "ite" "stine" such as kunzite, celestine, and fluorite do best with a warm, soft cloth.

Keep your precious stones like ruby kyanite and moonstone out of water unless it's a quick wipe with a damp soft cloth.

Malachite, because of it's copper content, must stay out of the water.


Your crystals and rocks will love a gentle wipe with a soft cloth. Our Blessed Spray is an easy way to clear the energy of your crystals.

Spritz directly on or around it to cleanse the energy with our potent potion. Using the blessed spray often means you can avoid deeper monthly cleaning.


Coming from Mother Earth it makes sense that your crystals would cleanse up nicely under the stars and planets.

Many people like to charge the energy of their crystals in the sunlight. (We prefer OMS and sound baths).

Avoid putting your brightly colored and precious stones under the sunlight for obvious reasons. Keep your quartz crystals (clear and color) out of the sun.

Stones that are safe to cleanse and charge briefly in sunlight are Labradorite, Black Tourmaline, Red Jasper, Malachite, Moonstone, Amber, Lapis Lazuli.

New Moon energy is safe for all crystals and provides a beautiful cleansing ritual. Set your crystals out during the new moon and ask them to release what they have held onto.

Full Moon energy will charge them. You may set them outside or in a windowsill for amplification of energy.


One of the greatest gifts of Mother Earth is Selenite. It never needs cleansing and will continuously clean itself and the crystals and jewelry around it.

We suggest our Crescent Moon Selenite tray to place small pieces in or set near your rocks.

Smoky Quartz and Black Sheen Obsidian are two other rocks we keep near our favorite pieces. They have an organic clearing essence that will transmute negative energy in your home, yourself, and your rocks.

Remember, you hold the power.

Our Blessed Crystals are here to remind you of that.

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The Blessed Crystal Co

Written by The Blessed Crystal Co


I really love your energy,your words,and….your crystals !! The packing job is obviously very precise,dedicated,and thoughtful.Thank you for this space !

Esther Kern on Sep 18, 2023

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