Tools for creating a limitless life


Reminders that nature is all powerful— and so are you

Buried in the dirt of our planet is an endless supply of colorful, gorgeous, sparkling rock. Pretty miraculous, right?

Crystals are proof that anything is possible.

They help us tap into Inature’s unlimited energy and remember that we have access to the same power—no matter what’s going on in the world around us.

Bringing you the tools and tips to tap into the force within

We’re not here to simply sell rocks. We’re here to provide the whispers in your ear that remind you where you came from—and what you’re capable of.

You hold the power to lead a limitless life.

You hold the power to create the world you seek.

You hold the power to make miracles.

Keep a Blessed Crystal around and you’ll always remember that.

Ethically sourced from our abundant Earth

We’ve worked hard to find partners around the planet who take care in how they excavate nature’s treasures.

While there are more crystals underground than we humans will ever find, how we bring them to light matters and we’ll never take that for granted.

  • Energetic Cleansing

    Crystals are absorbent little things. As they pass through many hands on their way from the earth to you, there’s potential to pick up some funky energy. Fear not—we give them a good cleanse to make them clean, clear, and extra sparkly.

  • Spiritual Blessing

    Next, we bless—pouring a heartfelt prayer onto each crystal. It’s an extra step that may seem unnecessary to some, but we’ve heard enough “wow, this crystal feels so different!” to know it makes a difference.

  • Intention Activation

    Lastly, we program each crystal with a specific intention to serve you. From clearing negativity to receiving more abundance, each Blessed Crystal is there to support you in achieving whatever you want in life.

Sparked by fate, run by energy experts

The Blessed Crystal Co. was the flash of genius of a great human who is no longer on the planet. As a tribute to this wonderful soul, a pair of his dear friends and students decided to pick up the business and carry it into the future.

Kisma, The Prosperity Code Mentor, and Nick, the Mystic Next Door—two passionate spiritual and energetic teachers—are honored to lead The Blessed Crystal Co. and empower as many lives as they can through these gorgeous gifts from nature.