Selenite Crescent Moon Trays

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For intentions of Clearing Energy/Emotional Release

Hail the Greek Moon Goddess Selene and her magical of crystal Selenite. Adorned with a rare beauty in its opaque nature, this is for the spiritual seeker who wants a clear energy field and chakra system.

Size & specifics

Our Selenite Crescent moons are generous in size and weight and hand-carved. Markings are normal and each piece varies in hue. Approximately 6 ounces in weight, 4 inches long and 2 inches wide.

How to use

  • Use it as a tray for your smaller crystals or your jewelry. We love placing our Pocket Gurus in the tray. 
  • Keep it next to crystals or jewelry so they are constantly being cleared of heavy energy.
  • Rub it with your thumb like Aladdin's Lamp. No kidding. We do it all the time.

How to clean

Your Selenite Crescent Moon Tray comes cleansed and blessed. Wipe it with a soft cloth but do not place it in water. Selenite is soft and it is normal to see wear on it— this means it is working for you. She will enjoy the moonlight.

A note from our energy expert

If you are going to have a crystal, have selenite. It has clearing powers that are unique to its kind. 


Pair it with an Ash Catcher and incense too: