Amethyst Pocket Guru

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Product Details

For intention of Intuition Activation/Spiritual Downloads

Guru in Your Pocket.  Amethyst is the crystal of sobriety- meaning the ancients thought they could drink more if they put amethyst in their wine. Doesn't work, we've tried it. Cleopatra adorned herself in amethyst along with other crystals. Most importantly it heightens your intuition and allows you to receive the spiritual guidance and downloads you are looking for.

Tuck in your pocket or bag for some extra energy protection. Our Mini Quartz Spheres are absolutely magical and from Brazil with extra potency.

Size & specifics
Small but potent, our Brazilian Amethyst Mini Sphere is approximately 1 inch in diameter and just over an ounce. Inclusions are normal in this crystal created by Mother Earth.

How to use

  • Place on its tiny stand provided next to you while you meditate or pray. Use it for lucid dreaming
  • Place it on one of our trays (seen here with our Selenite Moon Tray)
  • Hold it in your palm or take it with you.

How to clean

Your Mini Amethyst Sphere comes cleansed and blessed for you. In a few months’ time, you may want to wash it with warm water. It enjoys the new moon energy. Keep out of the sunlight for a long period of time due to fading of color.

A note from our energy expert:

Small does not mean less. Sometimes we get an abundance of wisdom from the tiniest of crystals.