If you haven't seen our post on how and when to clean your Blessed Crystal, you can find it here. 

This next step of caring for your Blessed Crystal can be especially difficult for a crystal lover such as yourself, but I know it will make all the difference in the world to keeping your crystals happy so that they can do their very best job for you.

Now, I know you love your crystals and you want to carry them with you all the time. One for the heart. Another for grounding. Another for protection. A whole set for your chakras…

Before you know it, you’ve got crystals everywhere! And they’re trying really hard to do their job, but it’s just too noisy and the energy is all cluttered up. It’s like a room full of people all shouting.

Remember that not only do crystals absorb energy, but they also AMPLIFY it.

See, this is the step that the lovely woman I told you about yesterday had such a hard time with. But it’s also the step that helped her get the most out of her beautiful crystals.

The mistake she was making was that she wasn’t using her crystals INTENTIONALLY!

When you use your crystals intentionally, they’ll be able to do their jobs better, and the energy will stay cleaner and clearer.

What do I mean?

Each of your beauties has been cleaned, blessed, and programmed with a specific intention just for you.

You must use your Blessed Crystal intentionally. And when they’re not being used, you want to keep them tucked away. I know that might seem a little mean to keep them tucked away, but stick with me here.

If you put it away when you’re not using it, your Blessed Crystal will…

stay cleaner and clearer, so it needs less cleaning (see post on cleaning here)
harmonize with your intention much more quickly
…be able to do its job without working against the energy of other crystals

Not many people know this or teach this, but I assure you it’s 100% true. All you have to do is try it for yourself and you’ll see.

Your Blessed Crystals are there for you and are programmed to do miraculous things. Bring them out and use them often. And when you’re done, put them to bed until you need it again. 

You will be amazed at how much more powerful your Blessed Crystals are when you use them with clear intention.

We hope this helps.

Sending love and light,

The Blessed Crystal Co.

Written by The Blessed Crystal Co

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