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Both INCENSE and CRYSTALS come from the blessings of Mother Earth. Together they bring us to a higher state of consciousness and awareness of our own divinity.

Both have been used since ancient times. Together we use them today to calm our own nervous system, quiet the mind, elevate the emotions, and get in touch with our spiritual power.

Ancient healers and seekers burned sage, Paolo Santo, berries, and ferns to shoo away evil and invite prosperity. A high frequency scent such as what is in our Sacred Incense Kit,  will LIFT the energy of surroundings and dispose of negative energy quickly.

We know that evil is absent in the light. Our blessings that we place on our crystals are for you to enjoy an illuminated experience.

Toss in a bit of Sandalwood or modern-day Fairy Dust Incense and it's easy to transport yourself to cosmic consciousness.

Here's how you can raise the vibe of your home and self with incense and crystals:

1. Create a small spot on the floor or table that is safe for ashes to fall on. (Above you'll see the photo that one of our customers sent us.) 

2. Place your incense stick in a small container of salt. Make sure the salt is high enough to keep the stick stable. Position your crystals around the incense. You may have as many or as little as your intuition guides you.

3. Set an intention of what limiting beliefs you want to burn off of your light body and ask your Guides to then infuse you with higher ways of being, doing, and having.

Take a few breaths and soak up the scent of your incense and the beauty of your crystals.

Enjoy the new vibe!

For more incense and crystals, check out our Sacred Scents Collection here and our Precious Healing Crystals here.
Written by The Blessed Crystal Co

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