The Mercury in Retrograde Survival Kit

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For Intentions of Communication/ Navigating Mercury in Retrograde

Move over Mercury, we got our humans covered with the Mercury in Retrograde Survival Kit. You may have heard horror stories about Mercury in Retrograde. Things breaking, deals getting called off— computers going haywire. We at The Blessed Crystal Co have put together the PERFECT kit for the upcoming Mercury in Retrograde.

Let's talk about what is going on when Mercury goes into retrograde.

Oprah Daily states: "

About three or four times a year, Mercury goes "retrograde," which means it appears to go backward in its orbit. In astrology, Mercury rules intellect and communication. Therefore, those who believe in astrology brace themselves for communication mishaps galore. During this four-week span, people might feel like they can't find the right words."

Let's look at it this way: Mercury retrograde is an astrological phenomenon that happens when the infamously fast-moving planet Mercury (orbiting the sun in just 88 days) seems to slow....down....

So, it will appear that our Mercury is going backward, West to East as opposed to East to West. 

Top Astrologers tell us that instead of Mercury ruling our communication, travel, and electronics, it seems to go backward as does our tech, flights, words, and even thoughts.

Chaos ensues...but not with our Mercury in Retro Survival Kit.

Specific tools:

Rhodonite Palm Stone: Rhodonite is all about seeing and accepting yourself with love and kindness. It's a powerful, yet soft energy that will help you ride the waves of Merc in Retro. Hard to come by, rhodonite is one of our favorite stones for this kit. 

Aventurine raw chunk: This green quartz stone is like a magic stone of confidence and prosperity. (Given all the backward movement of Merc in Retro, this potent little guy will keep your prosperity energy going.)  Known as The Stone of the Amazons. Aventurine is the stone that guarded the shields of Amazon Warrior Queens...all that goodness of empowerment,  divine femininity, and strength.

Amethyst Mini Sphere: Amethyst is the "Sobriety Crystal". Ancient Egyptians and Greeks put it in their wine, believing that they could drink more and be less drunk (Doesn't work)  What it does do is heighten your INTUITION, give you an enhanced calm for communication and open your spiritual connection for some extra guidance during Merc in Retro.

Sodalite Chunk: This communication stone is known as one of the most POWERFUL crystals for cleansing your body and energy field of toxic vibes of guilt, shame, and worry. Your throat chakra will thank you when you hold this piece in your hand, take a deep breath, and allow peace to take over your being. 

Sheen Obsidian Oval Pillow: Sheen Obsidian has the cleansing and protective powers of black obsidian, but with a golden sheen to it.  You'll feel a deep cleanse of your solar plexus when holding your cute little crescent moon which allows you to clear the path for manifesting your dreams.

Orange Calcite Positivity Palm: This juicy palm stone is like a pillow of positivity   This keeps your vibe high and Mercury’s going backward like feeling out of your energy   

Wooden Ash Catcher and 11 sticks of Shorties. Sacred incense to burn throughout Merc in Retro for peace of mind, clear communication, and clean business decisions.

BONUS: Blue Tiger Eye Tower for empowerment and groundedness.

SOUND BATH MEDITATION and INVOCATION: We're thrilled that we secured a special healing sound bath for you, plus a daily invocation to set yourself free from any mishaps. You'll have a special card inserted in your kit with a  QR code link to the sound bath and your daily invocation for meditation.

The MERCURY IN RETROGRADE SURVIVAL KIT is LIMITED. We are only created a limited number of kits. So get your special Merc in Retro Survival Kit now