The burning of incense is an ancient ritual, just as the love of crystals and minerals from the earth. One of the first fragrant materials to be used by humans, incense began its ritualistic journey over 6000 years ago in Mesopotamia and Egypt. 

Whether it was the scent of berries, pine, or a sacred 

The Sacred Incense Kit for Frequency

We wanted to let you know our Special Sacred Incense Kit is in stock. We put this kit together to help you raise the frequency of your home, office, and your energy.

Here's how it works:

You'll receive 3 Blessed Crystals for the intention of creating vibrant, high-frequency energy in your surroundings. (Perfect for travel too!)

1. Tiger's Eye- release anxiety or fear and step into strong energy for decision making and purpose.

2. Blue Goldstone- our Cosmic Sphere so you have the energy to reach for the stars and have fun doing so!

3. Amethyst Cluster - you can never have too much amethyst for divine connection intuition and deep healing.

PLUS: Wildberry Incense (made in America)

3 Shorties of India Moon

3 Shorties of Frankincense

3 Shorties of Fairy Dust

Limited time just $22 plus FREE shipping. (Value-$44)

I mean, how high vibe is that?

Get your kit HERE. We created only 22 of them. 

Written by The Blessed Crystal Co

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