There's a reason most of us wanted (or still do) want a crystal ball. They make us feel magical, in power, and able to tell the future.

We're not here to say if you look into our Blessed Crystal Ball that you'll see the future. ;-) 

But, I bet you'll have an easier time creating and realizing your dreams when you use the healing and clearing power of a crystal sphere.

To make it easy for you, we created a Collection just for shopping Spheres right here.

One of the reasons a crystal meditation and prayer sphere is so powerful is the shape. The symmetrical ball symbolizes unity.

The sphere is a sacred shape and all points are the same distance away from the center, and hence out into your space.

Crystal Meditation Spheres and Balls

Think of the Sphere as radiating energy in harmony and power, intention and manifestation in all directions— as if it's a warm cosmic blanket upon your field and surroundings.

One of our favorite ways to use a sphere is to place it anywhere there is discord, lack of harmony, or conflict. It will ease the energy enough to allow those at odds to open their minds and hearts and hear one another. 

This is the perfect use of a crystal sphere for your home or office. Allow it to radiate energy to cleanse and clear your space.

For meditation practice, hold the sphere in one or both hands. Do 3 rounds of deep breathing, in through the nose and out through the nose if possible.

Whilst continuing to hold the crystal sphere, set an intention on the healing, manifestation, or harmony you wish to have. The mystics love to talk to their crystal balls and you may even lean in and listen to what it has to say to you.

Written by The Blessed Crystal Co

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