We are hearing from many of our customers that there is "something in the air" right now. A bit of unease about being back out in the world and not knowing what is coming next. 

At The Blessed Crystal Co, we lean into our energy and spiritual practices at times like these.

Today, we are all about the blue, milky white, and pink hues for calm, connection, and cosmic wonder.

Three Calming, Cleansing, and Enhancing Crystals for you:

1.) The Cosmic Blue Goldstone Sphere. These are the most precious and fun glass spheres you could ever want. They are the perfect merger of Mother Nature and humans! Blue Goldstone is glass infused with copper specks and other natural materials. It creates a powerful force of cosmic confidence, certainty, and even ambition. 

Go here to get The Cosmic Blue Goldstone Sphere. 

2.) The Soothing Psychic Palm Stones.  These soft blue-hued Blue Calcite palm stones are the perfect tool for centering yourself and easing anxiety or lack of focus. Hold the Soothing Psychic Palm Stone in your palm when you feel uneasy, stressed, or want to calm down your mind so that you can enhance your psychic abilities.

This is a highly popular crystal right now and we only have 20 in stock.

Go here to get The Soothing Psychic Palm Stone

  1. ) The Mega Clearing Goddess Sphere.  These are going fast! The perfect large sphere to clear your entire home or office. We were able to get six more in just yesterday so don't wait on this one. They are flying off the shelves.

Your Mega Clearing Goddess Sphere is here.

Remember that your gifts of intuition, healing, and manifesting are greater when your mind and emotions are centered and calm.

Get one or all three of our products today and enjoy FREE shipping too!

You deserve the calm.

Written by The Blessed Crystal Co

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