Let's start with the mythological aspect, as it's a juicy story.

Amethyst is derived from the Greek word ametusthos, which means "not intoxicated." Word on the ancient Greek streets was that Bacchus, the wine god, threw a bit of a temper tantrum over an insult. 

He made a promise to avenge himself by unleashing his hungry tigers upon the first person he would meet next. (nothing rational here...he just lost his s---)

A maiden of beauty named Amethyst found herself in front of Bacchus as she walked to worship goddess Diana's temple.  Out sprung Bacchus' roaring tigers.

Asking for protection, Amethyst was quickly turned into a clear, white crystal. (way to go Diana)

Bacchus must have been mesmerized by the stunning power of her new form and quickly regretted his cruelty. He poured wine over the crystal and as myth would have it, its hue became a deep violet.

Fast forward to today, and you can use AMETHYST quartz crystal as an adaptogenic. Meaning it will soothe and calm your mind and spirit when necessary, and invigorate and create passion as needed.

Over time it has become a worthy crystal of prayer and meditation, protection, and spiritual guidance.

The Egyptians carved it into heart-shaped pieces. The Hebrews used it as the 9th stone embedded in a High Priest's breastplate. Eastern cultures create trees of life with tiny amethyst crystals.

For us in our modern-day, we think the best use of amethyst is for protection, purpose, and prosperity. Keeping one's spiritual cord clean and clear for guidance is a must during today's world.

We'll share more tomorrow on this exquisite stone and how it apparently kept people from getting drunk. ;-)

One can never have enough amethyst for spiritual or energetic practices.

Till then, may you be blessed with the power of divine protection and prosperity!

We recently shared some interesting facts about the powerful quartz crystal with a violet hue called Amethyst. Amethyst was running from Bacchus and the goddess Diana turned her into a crystal. (what else would she do?)

Bacchus poured wine all over the now frozen, yet sparkly Amethyst and changed its hue.

Well, it gets better! 

The ancient Greeks and Romans believed amethyst to have a unique power in keeping one from becoming intoxicated.  You might have noticed antique goblets decorated with amethyst gems... well apparently that's how they rolled back then.

Drink out of this and you'll have the power to keep drinking. ;-)

It seems other religious leaders would use amethyst to ground them with true spiritual connection. It guided their thought flow to higher realms and kept their spiritual cord clean and clear for prayer and meditation.

This divine connection through the power of amethyst remains the same today. This precious crystal is also used for heightened Intuition, strong intellect in business, and psychic protection.

It's one of our favorites and we have straight from Mother Earth in the area of Brazil a beautiful collection of Amethyst Clusters. Because we want you to have the best combination possible, we created our Spiritual Power Pack.

It's TWO amethyst clusters, cleansed, blessed, and activated for your spiritual guidance and protection, PLUS a FREE mini quartz sphere to keep your crystals clear and supercharged.

This combination of violet and clear quartz will activate the energy in your field and your home. We keep a set on our table and meditation room.

Written by The Blessed Crystal Co

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