I love going back to ancient times and dreaming about how the royals, healers, lovers, and seekers used crystals for manifesting. Ancient Egyptians understood the power of crystals and stones and used them to magnetize the good in life and even give peace to the dead during burial rituals.

One of Cleopatra's favorite stones was the rich blue Lapis Lazuli. Cleopatra not only kept the stones near her to keep her calm and attract wise advisors, she actually had it ground down to create her infamous blue eye shadow!

She also kept chunks of Rose Quartz nearby for its intense anti-aging and healing properties. It is said she believed the power of pink helped her manifest more wealth and beauty, not to mention love. 


Cleopatra also loved Mangano Calcite for its pink hue. The mystics tell us that this was the crystal sphere she would hold whilst asking for divine guidance and increased intuition.


Many do not realize that Cleo was well studied in mathematics, astronomy, philosophy, and spoke a dozen languages. Smart gal, that Cleo. 


Cleopatra Crystals

Of course, Amethyst was a go-to for not just our Egyptian queen, but also for other rulers during those times.


Amethyst is the crystal of sobriety. Many would place a piece in their wine in the belief that they could drink as much as they wanted and not get drunk. 


Did you know that Marc Anthony and Cleopatra actually had a drinking club called the "Inimitable Livers"? One can only imagine what went on during those times in 41-40 B.C.!


Finally, anyone who knew anything back when (and now) used Clear Quartz as the power crystal of healing all types of afflictions and AMPLIFYING abundance. 


I think it's fair to say no one left home without their quartz crystal ball. ;-) 


The ancients loved their crystals and rocks and we do too.


Written by The Blessed Crystal Co

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