Malachite Pebble

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Product Details

For intentions of Protection/ Clearing Negative Energies/ Spiritual Guidance

Behold the ancient Greek and Egyptian treasure. Malachite is a powerful stone that dates back for centuries and was used for healing, protection, and beauty. It is your sherpa for cleansing negative energies and pollutants, as well as clearing energetic congestion and blocks. We all need a bit of protection from EMFs, negative energies, and pollutants, plus a dose of chakra clearing and alignment. 

Size & specific 

Malachite is a monolithic crystal and is a secondary mineral of copper.  Our pebbles are small but potent. These are top-grade Malachite pieces. We'll be guided to pick the exact piece for you, bless it, and send it on its way to you.

How to use

  • Though Cleopatra used grounded malachite as eye shadow. With its high levels of copper, we recommend you keep it in solid form. ;-) 
  • Place it next to you during meditation or prayer. Malachite is a powerful stone and will support you in healing sessions, or during times of emotional stress.
  • Healers often hold malachite in one hand while they cleanse the aura with the other hand. It provides protection and clears psychic pollution.

How to clean  

Your malachite arrives already cleansed and blessed. It is potent and will retain the blessing. Because it absorbs negative energies and pollutants, we recommend you place it out during New Moon energy for cleaning. Please do not soak your malachite or use a wet cloth. It contains copper and you want to maintain the integrity of the seal on the stone. A soft dry cloth is plenty to keep your malachite shiny.

A note from our energy expert

Treasure your malachite. Talk to it kindly and listen to what it has to say to you. It is perhaps one of the most potent healing stones out there.