Garnite Biotite Luck Stone

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Product Details


The Garnite Biotite Luck Stone from India is expertly handcrafted to support inner strength, enhancing joy and balance in the user's chakras. Attuned to a potent energy frequency, this black mica can bring clarity and insight, helping to overcome challenges and achieve desired outcomes.

Garnite is also known to bring good luck in matters of both love and business. An energetic powerhouse, this stone is one to be reckoned with.


Size and specifics:

Each piece is hand-carved and comes from India. Weight is approx 6 ounces and measures 3 by 2.5 inches. Color, size, cut vary with each unique piece.

How to use:

Have your Garnite Biotite stone near you during business and personal conversations for clarity. Hold it during meditation to guide you toward the highest and best solution for any issues. 

This is a beautiful healing stone that will bring you joy and when used during meditation will help balance the chakras.

How to clean:

Garnite Biotite loves the new moon for cleansing and the full moon for activation. You may wipe with a soft cloth and rinse under water if necessary. Your stone comes blessed to perfection and will hold the blessing.

Note from our energy expert:

Stones from India have a special energy. This Garnite Biotite is powerful and feels as if it is speaking to you. Get one now as they are rare and we were lucky to find them.