The Manifesting Stone [Green Moonstone ]

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The Mysterious and Powerful Green Moonstone symbolizes all that we are in the highest form of spiritual manifesting.

This crystal is uncommon and brings a sense of magic and moon, feminine and goddess, compassion and love.

Many say that there is an energy transmutation that happens when you hold the Green Moonstone. This is why it's also called the Manifesting Stone. Here's how you use it to bring in your true desires:

  1. Hold the Green Moonstone in your palm. Place your other palm on top of the stone and take 3 deep breaths. 

  2. Remove the top palm and allow the Green Moonstone to sit in your palm. Visualize what it is you want to manifest as you do this 

  3. Bring in emotions of gratitude and peace. See the vision transmute into the stone and back to you again.

In this sense the Green Moonstone acts as a generator for your manifestations! Enjoy the peaceful presence of this uncommon stone and use it for the highest and best!

All sizes, colors, and shapes vary! We source only the best Green Moonstone for your manifesting!