The Blue Apatite Spirit Sphere

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SPIRIT SPHERE! Our gorgeous Blue Apatite is finally here. Straight from the Madagascar Mother Earth, Spirit Sphere is cleansed and blessed to give you a powerful Auric Clearing and insight into your spiritual gifts.

Blue Apatite will solve mental confusion and expand your wisdom base. It is a perfect crystal for you if you are doing personal or spiritual work.  Whilst using this precious stone, you'll feel an increase in your frequency and vibration, as well as psychic perception and even paranormal abilities. 

If you access energy on other people as a profession or do past life or Akashic Readings, you want this Spirit Sphere in your palm. You'll see or understand multiple planes of consciousness and have a deeper connection to spirit. 

We love The Spirit Sphere! 

How to use: Place in palm of your hand during deep energy work, akashic clearing, or auric clearing. Hold during meditation or place directly in front of a chakra that you feel is congested. It is powerful for the Throat Chakra and Third Eye Chakra. 

Other healing properties: It's been noted that Apatite is good for calcium deficiency or fear of dental work. It helps with tissues throughout your body and balances yin-yang.

How to clean: Blue Apatite is sensitive to heat. Clean with clear water with a bit of salt.  

Your Spirit Sphere has been cleansed and blessed for your spiritual power!

Each piece varies in sizes and color. Apatite is a porous material and you may see some indentations that are normal and natural to the stone. 

Where to place it: Place your Sprit Sphere near your meditation or study area. Keep it near to you in your office if you want to feel an energy clearing during the day. Avoid putting it in the bedroom unless you want to examine vivid dreams.