Obsidian Round Charging Plate

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Sacredly sourced, cleansed & Blessed crystals and stones

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Product Details
For the intention of Clearing Crystals or jewelry/Charging crystals and stones

Charge your crystals to full potency with our black obsidian charging plate. Black Obsidian is the go-to for clearing and cleansing negative energy, and psychic smog, and attack and protection from dark or heavy forces. Our Blessing makes them even more potent. It's like an energetic bodyguard— though is way more soft and luxurious. 

Size & specifics

Our Black Sheen Obsidian Charging plates are potent in energy and a fabulous way to charge your crystals and amplify the energy throughout your space. They are 3 X 3  inches in diameter and weigh approx 3 ounces. 

The Sacred Geometry Charging Plate is 4 X 4 inches in diameter and weighs approx 5 ounces. 

How to use

  • Place it on your dresser or desk as a go-to resting spot for jewelry or stones
  • Have it next to you when your own field needs clearing of EMFs or negative energy
  • Choose a specific crystal that needs charging and place it on your Black Obsidian charging plate.

How to clean

Your Black and Sheen Obsidian palms come cleansed and blessed- in a huge way. Wipe it with a soft cloth or spray with our Blessed Spray. Your charging plate loves both the new moon (cleansing) and full moon (activation) energies!

A note from our energy expert

This is a great tool to help you clear your crystals and stone. Because of its potency in clearing energy and protection, it is one of the most popular minerals in spiritual work.

Seen below with our Malachite Pebbles