Tree of Life

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Sacredly sourced, cleansed & Blessed crystals and stones

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Product Details

For the intention of joyful energy/sparkling vibe

Say hello to our Crystal Trees of Life! Each one is hand-crafted and exudes loving energy into your environment and your energy field. SInce you are a human, you need a crystal— and likely right next to you. Our Trees are perfect for office, kitchen, meditation area or as a gift. 

Size and specifics

Each crystal Tree of Life weighs approx 8-10 ounces and measures 6/5 inches long. They are hand-crafted with copper wire (great energy) and are placed in a chunk of raw crystal as the base. 

We have cleansed and blessed them to fit into your home or office and bring you joy, love, abundance, and spiritual power.

How to use

  • Place on your desk to remind you of just how amazing you are
  • Set one in a room that needs some energy clearing
  • Place it near you when you meditate so that the tiny crystals can amplify your intentions
  • Perfect as a gift!

How to clean

Each tree is unique and hand-crafted. Use a clean make-up brush to dust and spritz with our Blessed Spray weekly.