The Wisdom Stone [Lapis Lazuli]

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Known and celebrated as the Wisdom Stone, Lapis Lazuli was a stone loved by ancient rulers and mystics. Highly regarded by the Egyptians, Persians, and Michelangelo— it is said to be the starry sky ground down into a mystical stone.

In Old Latin, it means Blue Stone, which most of Lapis Lazuli is. Our small collection carries the hue of gold throughout each piece- signifying wealth and prosperous energy. 

Why Lapis Lazuli: It's the calm down and get wise stone. As you gaze at it and hold it in your palm, you'll feel your human and soul come together in peace. It's helpful for those who suffer issues with sleep and stress. 

Lapis Lazuli loves to work on your throat chakras and ease tensions in the throat and boost the immune system. 

 It links to the Third Eye chakra and is known also as the consciousness stone. Get ready for a deeper understanding of your spiritual power with our Wisdom Stone.

How to use:  Hold it in your palm while working, speaking, or just being for a sense of calm and infusion of wisdom. It's known to open the pathway to your intuitive channel for guidance. 

You may also meditate with it in your hand or on your lap, or simply set it next to you throughout the day when you feel sluggish or stressed. 

How to clean: Cleanse by rinsing in warm water or spraying with our Blessed Spray:

Reactivate it under the new moon and set it next to a Selenite Palm or Obsidian Sphere to cleanse further:

Sizes and shapes vary for each palm stone.