The Violet Flame Amethyst

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Each crystal is a delicate and carefully sourced amethyst violet flame infused with the divine blessing of spiritual clarity. 

I use this when in deep meditation, seeking guidance from the Great Ones and the Holy Ones.
You know when you hold onto a crystal that has been carefully sourced and infused with a true diksha, or blessing. This is what the Violet Flame Amethyst Crystal is for us. 

I remember when my spiritual power center first became cleansed. I was working with an amethyst crystal and felt the pulse and electricity of what I later learned to be the Violet Flame energy.

I'm thrilled that right now, our tiny Blessed Crystal Co. has in stock just 10 of these delicate and gem like crystals. They come from Brazil and have been cleansed and blessed by our teacher.

Your Spiritual Power center will rise in vibration when you hold this crystal during meditation, or simply have it next to you. Please keep it away from small children or pets. It is not a play thing. It is truly a crystal of immense power.

I hope you can get a hold of one of these before we sell out. 

I personally have hundreds of crystals, and I want to tell you why this Violet Flame Amethyst Crystal is food for your spirit.

SPIRITUAL POWER: You have a spiritual power center. It can weaken when you are in stress or doubt. The Violet Flame Crystal will enhance your power center quickly, especially when you hold it during meditation. Or simply have it next to you. I keep mine next to me during meditation and spiritual work.

INTUITION: Every human being has intuition. However, when your third eye is cloudy and pineal gland calcified, it's harder to hear the messages. Use the Violet Flame Crystal to allow the flow of your intuitive wisdom.

SEE FROM WITHIN:  Whenever I hold this small, yet powerful  Violet Flame Crystal, I have stronger "inner" site. Be patient with this and allow the gift to unfold as you use this crystal during meditation or visualization.

THE BLESSING: Each Violet Flame Crystal is blessed with Spiritual Guidance. This is a powerful incantation that energetically infuses your crystal. This is why we are unique at The Blessed Crystal Co. We want you to have the highest vibe crystal possible!

AN AMAZING GIFT: Who doesn't want a Violet Flame Crystal?!

I'm so happy we got a few of these Violet Flame Crystals in. Please enjoy this limited offer of  70% OFF + FREE SHIPPING Violet Flame Crystals. And, of course they are blessed for you so that you will feel the energy of worthiness and abundance within!

Amethyst Crystals are incredibly difficult to source right now...mostly because the earth is holding them for those who want to use them in the highest and best way. We have a safe sourcing system and cleanse and BLESS each crystal for you!

-The Blessed Crystal Co.