The Calming Stone [Blue Calcite]

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Product Details

For the intention of Soothing/calm/open throat chakra

The Calming Stone of Blue Calcite is widely used by those who want to enhance their psychic abilities and be soothed. This powerful stone will calm your nerves and flush out negative energy. It will provide emotional, mental, and etheric protection when you are under stress. It is a must for your spiritual and emotional well-being.

 Blue Calcite is popular right now because those who understand its force of power are using it for everyday clearings, connection, and to develop stronger psychic abilities.

Size and specifics:

We have sourced a pod of our Calming Stones from Madagascar.

This is a perfect stone for clearing your throat chakra as well. Divine expression will pour through you and will easily be voiced with courage.  Color, shape, and size vary with each palm stone, but the power remains the same. 

How to use: 

For deep energy clearing and connection to your intuitive channels, hold The Calming Palm Stone for a few minutes and breathe deeply. It has been cleansed and blessed for you and will provide a flush of energy clearing and activation.

You may also leave it in your purse or bag, or place it on your desk to calm nerves and anxiety. The light blue color serves as a calming hue for emotions and stress. 

This crystal can be placed next to your bed for dream work. It will allow a deeper understanding of vivid dreams. 

How to clean:

Your Calming Blue Calcite Palm comes cleansed and blessed. Wipe with a soft cloth and for extra amplification put out in the new moon energy.

Note from our energy expert:

Blue Calcite is perfect for your throat chakra and to create a calming sensation in your being. It is the perfect stone for anyone going through stress or strain.