Blessed Mega Goddess Clearing Selenite Ball

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Product Details

This POWERFUL and gorgeously shaped and sized Blessed Mega Goddess Clearing Selenite Ball.This is the kind of piece you use to cleanse your entire home or office, as well as your own energy. We are absolutely in love with the quality of this sphere!

Selenite is one of the few crystals that never needs cleaning. It will absorb negative energy or old energy from your crystals, your energy field, chakras, and home.

This is a piece that we use to place in the middle of a busy room in our home. It continues to purify the energy and keep the vibe high.

You may also place this Mega Clearing Goddess Sphere in the center of a healing circle. It will work for each participant involved. 

It is the PERFECT piece if you are moving house and want to cleanse your new home.

This piece is appx 5 inches in diameter and approximately 4 pounds. Size, shape and hue vary with each piece.

Note from our Energy Expert: All pieces are hand-carved so shape, markings, lines, and hues vary. It is normal to see imperfections in selenite because it is so soft. Keep it out of water and enjoy the POTENT energy it brings to your energy field and home.

Don't wait to purchase as these large spheres of selenite are difficult to come by.