Rose Quartz Manifesting Spheres

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Product Details

For intentions of Manifesting Love and Abundance 

 Our blessed rose quartz spheres are full of abundance.  Manifest what your heart desires with the healing qualities of Rose Quartz. This is the secret crystal to receiving more and giving more. One cannot realize abundance if their heart is closed. Our Madagascar rose quartz spheres are here for you to hold, talk to, listen to, cleanse your worries and open your heart to receive the love of self you deserve. But don't forget to give it out too. 

Size & specifics

Our current set of abundance rose quartz comes to us from Madagascar. They are high-grade and potent because of the cleansing and blessings by our energy experts. Rose is like the warm embrace of one that loves you unconditionally. This crystal will cleanse you of negativity and pour abundance into your energy field and heart.

The Large Abundance Sphere is approximately 3 inches in diameter and weighs over one pound. 

The Medium Abundance Sphere is approximately 2.55 inches in diameter and weighs between 5 - 8 ounces 

Size, color, weight, shape all vary with each hand polished crystal.

How to use

  • Place this heart opener and healing stone next to you during prayer or meditation. Allow its energy to clear your field. This happens when you are receptive.
  • Hold this sphere in the palm of your hand to place intentions or to meditate.
  • Have this on your kitchen counter, desk, living area, or bedroom for extra support and healing throughout the day.  If a room feels heavy, it needs some rose quartz.

How to clean

Your Abundance  comes cleansed and blessed for you. Wipe it with a soft cloth and place out during new moon energy. Avoid the sun as it will fade the beautiful pink color.

A note from our energy expert

Everyone needs abundance rose quartz. It is the quiet healer and creator of abundance.