Blue Celestine Angelic Crystal

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Product Details

For intentions of Divine Power/ Higher States of Consciousness

Blessings from the angel of crystals. Blue Celestine, or Celestite, is a mineral that naturally forms blue crystals. They heighten your intuitive channel and calm down your "worldly centered" mind. It is the perfect partner for your meditation practice whether you are advanced or new. Its delicate nature will remind you of the preciousness of life. Known as the angel of crystals, you'll feel calm and serene. Ancient cultures believe this stone fell from the sky due to its beautiful light blue color.

Size & specifics

We have 3 sizes of Angelic Blue Celestine Crystals. Large, medium, and small.

These treasures are from  Madagascar and are carefully cleansed and abundantly blessed for you. Each one varies in size, hue, shape, number of points, and weight.

X-Large Blue Celestine weighs approximately 16 lbs!  Measures 10 inches x 6 inches. Stunning piece for your home. 

Large Blue Celestine weighs approximately 4 lbs generous in size!

Medium weighs approx 1 lb  and is chunky and generous in size  

How to use

  • Place a cluster near any part of your body during meditation. 
  • Breathe in deeply, exhale. Ask your Angelic Blue Celestine to guide you intuitively and expand your consciousness. 
  • You may ask your angels to heal emotional trauma or pain, or to clear negative energy. 
  • This is a delicate crystal and it is normal for small points to crumble off. Keep it happy and you may notice the points continue to grow over time.

How to clean

Avoid putting your Angelic Blue Celestine in water. It is a delicate crystal so use a soft, dry makeup brush to dust it occasionally. You may place it under the moonlight or out during new moon energy. It enjoys light in your home but avoid direct sunlight as it will fade the gorgeous light blue color.

A note from our energy expert

This is the stone of angels. Keep it close during times of deep spiritual work and never hesitate to ask it questions.