The Cosmic Blue Goldstone Sphere

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The Cosmic Blue Goldstone Sphere is a perfect example of humanity working with Mother Nature. These beautiful small spheres mimic the night's sky and cosmic wonder and power. They are made of glass and other materials such as shiny Copper flecks, Manganese or Cobalt.

Our spheres were created in Madagascar and have been cleansed, blessed, and activated for you to create focus, concentration, and confidence. These spheres will cleanse out your root and sacral chakras giving you a sense of certainty and ambition.

We recommend these spheres to those who are seeking higher levels in study, focus, self esteem and seek cosmic connection.

How to Use: Place these tiny spheres on your desk or in any living space that you want motivation and ambition to radiate. We love how they look on their tiny stands...and feel this batch of Blue Gladstone was sent to us specifically to support our customers.

Actors and artists use The Cosmic Blue Goldstone Sphere to enhance their motivational energy and reach their dreams. Students use it to stay focused on studies and alleviate stress. Business owners apply the Cosmic Blue Goldstone to projects of greatness.

Clean: Wash gently in warm water or spray lightly with our Crystal Cleansing Energy Spray: 

Why The Cosmic Blue Goldstone Sphere?  Because everyone needs a bit of Cosmos in their daily life! 

Both Small and Medium vary slightly in size and weight. All hold the wonderment of the Universe. Small is approx 1.3 ounces and 1-1.3 inches. Medium is approx 2.7-3.7 ounces and 1.4-1.6 inches

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