Clear Quartz Crystal Spheres

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Sacredly sourced, cleansed & Blessed crystals and stones

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Product Details

For intentions of amplification/healing/cleansing

So you want a crystal ball?  Meet the mother of all crystals, our Blessed Quartz Crystal Sphere. Many metaphysicians and healers refer to the Quartz Crystal as the Power Crystal.  This is the most powerful of healing crystals and is an ultimate manifesting tool as well—mainly because it will help you clear out the doubt that keeps you from realizing your dreams.

In addition to healing mind and spirit, Quartz is known for channeling, intuition, manifesting, and deep meditation and prayer.

Size and Specifics  Our Blessed Crystal Spheres are top-grade from Brazil. Derived from the Greek word for Ice, it is bright and luminous in nature.

Sphere #1: Zenobia is stunning Top A Quality.  It is clear with inclusions and the light reflection is incredible. This Brazilian gorgeous sphere weighs approximately 4.5 pounds and is 4 inches in diameter. 

Sphere #2:  Zander is stunning Top A Quality with incredible clarity and reflective inclusions. There are a few tiny tourmaline plugs which add to the energy. This sphere weighs approximately 2.7 pounds and is 3.75 inches in diameter.

Sphere #3: Dragana has potent energy angelic crystals inside. There are a few small tourmaline plugs which add to the energy and internal rainbows! She weighs approximately 2.1 pounds and is 3.5 inches in diameter.

Sphere #4: Izabel has a beautiful energy and more cloudy with wisps of phantom Quartz. She weighs approximately 1.5 pounds and is 3 inches in diameter. 

How to use

  • Hold in your palm during meditation. Set a clear intention. 

  • Place it next to you while meditating or clearing energy.
  • Have it on your desk or table for amplification of positive energy.
  • Place it in the center of a room that you want to have exquisite and clear energy.

 The Quartz Crystal Sphere will clear your auric field, and chakras and give your spirit a sense of infinite and limitless possibilities!

Note from our energy expert

High-grade clear quartz from Brazil is fabulously potent. It will clear your energy, the energy of your home and other crystals. Build a relationship with your quartz sphere and she will never let you down.