Blessed Quartz Sphere

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For intentions of Amplifying/Healing

So you want a crystal ball?  Meet the mother of all crystals, our Blessed Quartz Crystal Ball. We have just the one for you. Many metaphysicians and healers refer to the Quartz Crystal as the Power Crystal.  This is the most powerful of healing crystals and is an ultimate manifesting tool as well—mainly because it will help you clear out the doubt that keeps you from realizing your dreams.

In addition to healing mind and spirit, Quartz is known for channeling, intuition, manifesting, and deep meditation and prayer.

Size and Specifics  Our Blessed Crystal Balls are top grade from Brazil. Derived from the Greek word for Ice, it is bright and luminous in nature.
The large sphere is approximately 3 inches in diameter and 2-3.7

X-Large sphere generous in size and is approximately 4 inches in diameter and 3.72 lbs  it has some beautiful angels swimming inside and a flash of hematite 

How to use

  • Hold in your palm during meditation. Set a clear intention. 

  • Place it next to you whilst meditating or clearing energy.
  • Have it in your desk or table for amplification of positive energy.

The Metaphysical designs of this piece is to help you to look deep within, to understand your heart's desire. The Crystal Ball Quartz will clear your auric field, chakras and give your spirit a sense of infinite and limitless possibilities!

Your Crown Chakra will BUZZ in the best of ways using The Blessed Crystal Ball.

Size and color vary. There is a large and a small size.