Intuitive Sunstone Sphere

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For the intentions of Prosperity/Energizing Chakras. Move on over negative energy, our Sunstone Intuition Spheres just made life a whole lot easier.  These gorgeous mediation spheres came to us from Russia and help to clear and ENERGIZE all your chakras. If you love positive, powerful, and prosperous energy— you'll be drawn to this stone.

Size & specifics

Our sunstones are vibrant in energy and color. Each sphere varies in size, weight, color, and markings and are approx 2 lbs and 2.5 inches in diameter. Generous in size!

 How to use

  •  For meditation, hold it in your palm and breathe deeply from the bottoms of your feet, all the way to the crown chakra, a few inches above your head. Exhale completely. Repeat 3 times. 

    Then set your heart and mind upon positivity, leadership, and prosperity. Allow the crystal to guide you intuitively for your next action steps.

  • Place it next to you on your desk for prosperous support and empowerment. It will resonate with your energy and help to energize your chakras.
  • Many healers use it for good fortune and luck. We view this stone as Mother Nature's gift to help you dissipate fearfulness, melt the stress and increase creativity, leadership energy, and high vibration. 

How to clean

Your Sunstone sphere has been cleansed and blessed abundantly. You may wipe it with a soft cloth or wash with warm water. Place out in the full moon to energize or in new moon to release energy. Avoid the sun as it may fade the color.

A note from our energy expert

This is a perfect stone to use for your energy field and chakras. It will amplify the vibrant energy and CALM any chaotic energy. Use it for a high vibe.