Sunstone Palmstones

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Product Details

Sunstone palms are luscious in energy and full of sparkle for your chakras and mindset.  Sunstone will purify and energize your chakras, promoting happiness, optimism, abundance, and balance. Additionally, this mineral is traditionally linked to luck and good fortune.

Sunstone clears and energizes each chakra, helping to enhance intuition and your true self. It can also reduce fear, stress, and enhance vitality.

Sunstone's distinctiveness, compared to other feldspar varieties, is determined by the presence of certain inclusions such as copper and hematite, which appear in thin, plate-like shapes within the orthoclase crystals.

Size and specifics:

Our sunstones come from India and hold amazing energy and power. As you hold your sphere up to the light you'll be entranced by the multitude of sparkles.

Each Sunstone Palm is unique in size, hues, and shape. Palms weigh approx. 2.5 ounces and are approx. 2 inches long and 1 inch wide. They feel amazing!

Heart Sunstone weigh approx. 6.5 ounces and measure 2.5 X 3 inches. They are generous in size.

  •  For meditation, hold the palm stone in your hand and inhale deeply from your feet up to the crown chakra, located a few inches above your head. Completely exhale then repeat the process three times.

  • Place it next to you on your desk for prosperous support and empowerment. It will resonate with your energy and help to energize your chakras.
  • Tuck it in your pocket or bag when you go out into the world. It will provide protection and clear negative energy.
  • Many healers use it for good fortune and luck. We view this stone as Mother Nature's gift to help you dissipate fearfulness, melt the stress and increase creativity, leadership energy, and high vibration. 

How to clean

Your Sunstone Palmstone and Hearts have been cleansed and blessed abundantly. You may wipe it with a soft cloth or wash with warm water. Place out in the full moon to energize or in new moon to release energy. Avoid the sun as it may fade the color.

A note from our energy expert

This sparkly palm stone will infuse your heart, soul, and energy field with positivity and prosperity.  It will amplify the vibrant energy and infuse you with a sunny positivity and calm  chaotic energy.