Stilbite Alignment Sphere

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Product Details

For the intentions of gentle, calming energy/confidence. Stilbite promotes balance and alignment, soothing our mind and heart and allowing us to align with our true spiritual nature.

It encourages us to dream big and release negative notions of "impossible," showing us that all things are achievable when connected to the Divine. Stilbite is a valuable aid in spiritual journeying, providing support, protection, and guidance as we evolve and gain knowledge.

Size and specifics:

Each sphere is hand-carved from this luscious and soft mineral of Stilbite. These are from India and have an incredible energy to them. The spheres are approximately 2 inches and weigh around 6.8 ounces. Though each is unique, which makes it special!

How to use:

  • Hold your Stilbite Alignment Sphere in one or both palms for meditation or intention setting.
  • Roll your sphere gently on tight muscles or tendons to ease out tension and allow a beautiful energy to seep in
  • Place on your desk for alignment at work or nightstand for dream work
  • Use intuitively for energy healing!

How to clean:

Stilbite is a soft mineral. Please use a soft cloth to wipe your alignment sphere. Avoid soaking in water or leaving out in the sun. It'll love new moon energy for cleansing and full moon energy for amplification.

Note from our energy expert:

There are a few minerals that are pure magic, and Stilbite is one of them. It's soft and has potent energy. Use it tenderly and appreciate the healing it has on you.