Sheen Obsidian Energy Clearing Spheres

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Product Details

 Sheen Obsidian Energy Clearing Spheres are powerful tools for protection and energy clearing. This volcanic glass is unique because of its smooth, uniform texture. Our spheres exhibit a golden sheen due to patterns of gas bubbles aligned along the lava layers.

This organic force from Mother Earth helps to clear away negative thoughts and emotions, as well as remove negative energy from one's environment. Metaphysicians believe that Sheen Obsidian stimulates prophetic gifts. Obsidian is an extrusive rock, usually formed when the edges of a lava flow meet the cool air or water. It serves as a strong psychic shield and helps to protect one from negativity.


 Size and specifics:

Each sphere is unique in sheen and markings.

Approximately 2 inches in diameter and weighing between 10-12 ounces.

The sheen is soft on these, not too loud, but perfectly balanced for the energy.


How to Use Sheen Black Obsidian:
  • Hold it in one or both palms during meditation or energy work
  • Take 3-7 deep inhales and exhales.
  • Set the intention with your crystal that you want to flush out all the negative energies and set a field of protection around you and in your space.
  • Allow the energy to be cleansed and listen to your intuition

You may also have it next to you during challenging times or during clearing and meditation processes.

Note from our energy expert:

Black Obsidian is a deep earth stone formed out of molten lava. Our spheres have the golden "sheen" which is an incredible hue that you can get lost in. It is often the crystal that will sweep you away as you gaze into it. Perfect for psychic smog protection and energy clearing.