Sheen Obsidian Small Crescent Moons

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For the intention of protection from negative energy/clearing energy

Sheen Obsidian or Golden Obsidian is a natural black volcanic glass that exudes a captivating and shiny golden sheen and hue. This stone radiates protection from negative energy, physical harm, and psychic attack.

This is not only a potent crystal, it'll make you smile and bring some lunar energy into your home. Our small crescent moons symbolize the cosmos and are fun to play with too. 

Size and specifics

Small in size, joyful in nature, protective and cleansing in essence. Each moon varies in size, shape, and sheen, weighing approximately 1/2 ounces and measuring 3 inches long by 1.5 inches wide.

How to use

  • Keep your Crescent Moon on your desk, kitchen counter, or dresser for some added protection and clearing energy.
  • Use it around other crystals or jewelry to cleanse the energy
  • Place it near your incense or candles when meditating for a clearing of heavy energy and infusion of positive energy
  • Keep in your pocket so you can reach in and grab it at any time!

How to clean

Your Black Sheen Obsidian Crescent Moon comes cleansed and blessed. Wipe it with a soft cloth and feel free to rinse under warm water. You may place out during new moon energy for a deep cleansing and in the sunlight for activation.

A note from our energy expert

Black sheen obsidian is one of those minerals you must have. It's ability to clear energy and keep you protected is miraculous. The crescent moons feel powerful and fun!