The Cosmic Crescent Moon [Black Obsidian]

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Product Details

For the intention of cleansing energy/protection/magical fun

The Cosmic Crescent Moon is scrumptiously cute and powerful. Set one on your desk, nightstand, or kitchen counter for a variety of cleansing effects. The Moon shape is a reminder of Universe being with us at all times.

Black Obsidian is our go-to cleansing and protection stone.  It is made of volcanic glass that exudes a captivating and shiny hue. This stone radiates protection from negative energy, physical harm, and psychic attack.

Size and Specifics:

Hand carved out of Black Obsidian, The Crescent Moon is 5” long and 2” wide, weighing approximately 4.2 ounces  each piece is unique

 Seen here with our Large Rhodonite Sphere

How to Use Black Obsidian: Keep it close for protection while traveling or out in the world. For an energy clearing, hold it in your palm and take several deep breaths. Set your intention to release everything and anything that is not good for you. You may place the faceted sphere in a room that you want to cleanse negative energy and activate prosperous manifesting.
How to Clean your Black Obsidian Crescent Moon: When you purchase crystals and stones from us, they arrive cleansed, blessed, and activated to work for you. You will never lose the blessing in the crystal. However, you may want to wipe your Cosmic Moon Black Obsidian with a soft cloth and run it under warm water every now and then.
The Cosmic Moon is GENEROUS in size. Weight, hue, shape vary between 4-5 ounces and 5 inches long and 2 inches wide.