Rhodonite Palm Stones for Self-Acceptance

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Product Details

The alluring Self-Acceptance Rhodonite Palm basks in rich self- love energy and opens the heart chakra so you can let go of fear and doubt.

Rhodonite contains manganese oxide to create an awe-inspiring dark pink hue. This stone derives its name from the Greek word for Rose, Rodhon, and hails from the Far East. It is the perfect companion to offer gentle messages to your soul.

Why Rodhonite: The healing properties are powerful. Think of a crystal that will melt walls and increase connection to your spiritual realm. The physical healing properties have been known to increase strength after a trauma or emotional transition. Your circulatory system will benefit from having this sphere near you.

How to Use The Self-Acceptance Palm: Hold it in your palms and take 7 deep breaths in and out through the nose if possible. Set an intention to release all past trauma, pain, suffering or emotional turmoil. Ask your spiritual self and your Soul Sphere to infuse yourself with the strength of heart, trust of self, and a higher vibration of energy.

You may also keep this sphere near you when working or if you have had some relationship issues.

How to Clean Rodhonite: Gently rinse under warm water every month or so. Set it out during the New Moon for a renewed activation of the properties as well as the Blessing we infuse into it take place.


Large Palm is  approx 5.5-7 ounces and is  3 inches long x 2 inches

Medium is approx 3.4-5 ounces and 2.5 inches long by 1.5

Each palm is handcarved. Size, markings, color, and shape vary with each palmstone.