Goddess Selenite Ball

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Product Details

The Goddess Selenite Ball can be used to purify and restore balance to a space, as well as to cleanse and clear energy from home, self, and other crystals.

 The Goddess Selenite Ball will bring serenity to your life. 

Selenite was named after the Greek Goddess of the Moon- Selene. It is one of the most magical crystals with a rare beauty in its opaque nature.

The cleansing Goddess Selenite Ball will help you to soar into a new realm of consciousness and awareness.

Known to open up the angelic realms and heighten the clairvoyant power, selenite is a delicate crystal that is a must for every collection.

 For the spiritual seeker, it provides a cleansing of the crown chakra and third eye chakra almost instantly upon holding it. 


Size and specifics:

  • Sizes and color vary slightly with each Goddess Selenite Ball as they are hand shaped by our artisans in Morocco.
  • Regular Goddess Selenite Sphere is approx. 2.5 inches in diameter and one pound or more. Each sphere varies in size, hue, markings, and shape as they are hand-crafted.

How to use:

  • Clear your other crystals just by placing your Goddess Spheres next to them. 
  • Hold in one or both palms during meditation
  • Sweep it up and down your energy field for a rapid clearing. Breathe!
  • Keep in any room of your home that needs extra lift in energy.

How to clean:

Avoid placing this crystal in water. Wipe with soft cloth. Selenite is soft so it is normal for scratches and indentations to occur. This does not change the energy. Selenite is self-cleaning so you can let it do its thing.


 Note from our energy expert:

  It is a sublime spirit crystal that clears your aura and removes unwanted entities from your field. If ever there was a crystal that is a must have, it is selenite!

We at Blessed Crystal Co have energetically cleansed your Goddess Selenite Ball and programmed it with a blessing for your abundance and spiritual connection.