Selenite Santa

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Product Details

For the intention of clearing energy and joy, Selenite is named after the Lunar Greek Goddess, Selene. Selenite is the go-to- crystal for clearing energy and accessing higher consciousness. The captivating translucent and luminous hues make selenite one of the most wondrous crystals of all time.

Our Santa Clause Selenite pieces are delightful and create holiday magic. Perfect to place around your home for Christmas or give as holiday gifts. 

Size and specifics:

These energy clearing Santa faces are beautifully carved and weigh approx. 1.3 ounces and measure 2.75 inches long and 1.5 inches wide at his beard. They place easily as the back is flat.

How to use:

Bring holiday cheer by placing your Selenite Santas around the house and near your other crystals to cleanse them. You'll feel the potent energy when you place around your other holiday decorations.

Perfect for gifts that bring clean energy and an abundance of joy!

How to clean:

Keep your selenite away from water as it is a soft mineral. Wipe with a soft cloth. Because selenite is self-cleansing, you don't need to do anything else but enjoy.

Note from our energy expert:

Selenite Santa is an ideal combination for inducing festive feelings. Keep one on you when shopping or gathering with loved ones, and enjoy a sense of tranquility.