Selenite Hearts and Teardrops

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Product Details

For the intention of clearing energy/raising vibration

You've got to have Selenite, so why not hang a Heart or Teardrop in your kitchen, bedroom, or office? Selenite is one of those crystals that is self-clearing and therefore cleanses the energy around you, in you, as well as your other crystals and stones.

Selenite is named after the Greek Goddess of the Moon, Selene. Her soothing and cleansing energy will bring you calm and joy. These are perfect to hang throughout your home, give as gifts, or place next to your other crystals and jewelry for cleansing benefits.

Size and specifics

We LOVE these hand-carved Selenite Hearts and Teardrops! Each one comes with a rope and is raw and rustic. Our Selenite originates in Morocco.

Heart Ornaments are approximately 5 ounces and measure 3 X 3"

Teardrop Ornaments are approximately 4 ounces and measure 3.5 X 3"

How to use

  • Hang in your kitchen for joy
  • Hang in your office to clear energy and put a smile on your face
  • Perfect for bedrooms to clear energy whilst you sleep
  • Set on your desk as you work to keep your energy clear and clean.

Note from our energy expert

Selenite is one of those crystals that we need around us all day long. Its near-magical properties of self-cleansing help you keep your energy field clear as well as the space around you.

Selenite is essential if you are a healer or work with people in any capacity.