Ruby Zoisite Passion Palm

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For the intention of courage, passion, and prosperity, sourced directly from India with its life-giving energy, Ruby Zoisite is an essential stone for spiritual and personal power. This powerful combination of raw ruby and green zoisite can help manifest your passions and discover your purpose in life.


These came to us from India and have yummy energy  plus we blessed them even more for a potent power. 

This luscious and preciously sourced stone will increase vitality in body and libido, convert negative thoughts to positive ones, and enhance spiritual and psychic awareness. Many use it for astral travel. 

Size and specifics

Hand carved palms vary in color, size, and weight. Markings are organic.  Each weighs approx 4 ounces and measures 2 inches long and 2 wide ovals.  

How to use:

  • Hold I’m your palm when you set a manifestation 
  • Place it next to you when you need a dose of courage and passion. 
  • Perfect palm for your desk or meditation area. 

How to clean:

Wipe your palm with a soft cloth. Avoid too much sunlight and place out during new moon for cleansing. 


Note from our energy expert:

Ruby Zoisite is a blend of precious rubies and green zoisite giving it a special energetic power. These are full of passion, yet grounding. You'll want to use it when you are working towards new goals, dreams, and expansion.