Red Obsidian Cleansing Sphere

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Product Details

The Red Obsidian Sphere offers mystical spiritual energy  unlocking infinite potential.

This exquisite mixture of Black Obsidian  volcanic glass and Hematite make for a stunning sphere that will last for years and help you overcome doubt and uncertainty. Red Obsidian will work your lower chakras for more confidence and certainty.  Many use it to enhance sexuality and creativity. We call it the limiting belief buster as the strength in this sphere is incredible and will remind you that YOU hold the power.

Size and specifics:

Each sphere is stunning and unique in color and markings. The weight of our spheres is approx 3.5-3.8 pounds. Generous in proportion is measures approx 3.5 inches in diameter.

How to use:

This sphere will be your guide to release energy blocks and doubt. 

  • Hold it in both hands or place next to you during meditation or prayer
  • Set an intention to RELEASE doubt and limiting beliefs as you take 3-7 deep inhales and exhales whilst holding your Red Obsidian Sphere
  • Blockages will naturally dissolve and leave you with a fresh and confident energy.
  • Place it on your desk when you need creativity or strength

How to clean:

Wipe your sphere with a warm cloth. Set it out during new moon for a cleansing effect and full moon for amplification of its powers.

Note from our energy expert:

If you want to soar this is your stone. It is potent and decisive in the way it will help you. Note: It is suggested to not use this stone if you have high blood pressure or are over 70 years of age.