Raw Fluorite Speciman

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Product Details

These raw Fluorite chunks are incredible. From Madagascar, each peace will make you swoon with wonder at the various colors and textures. 

Every chunk has been cleansed and abundantly blessed. They are perfect crystals to place in your office, living area, mediation are or even the bathroom for more color and clean energy.

Raw Fluorite #1: is 1.4 pounds and 5 inches long x 3 inches wide. Her colors are incredible with greens and pinks and purple (which may be hints of amethyst) The center is a layer of quartzite.

Raw Fluorite #2: is 6 x 3 inches and 1.13 pounds. Her main color is purple with pink and white quartz as a base. Her energy is soft and generous. You'll fall in love.

Raw Fluorite #3: Over 3 pounds of generous layers of purple fluorite and quartz, she measures 7 X 4 inches and is CHUNKY. She can clear the energy of a room and is perfect to bring magic to your thoughts.

Raw Fluorite #4: Over 3 pounds she is full of purple, pink and sprinkles of green fluorite. This piece is 5X4 and 4 inches tall. Use to clear your thoughts at work or in your meditation space. Perfect for a living area or kitchen.

Raw Fluorite #5: Over 2 pounds of gentle, loving energy that will clear your thoughts and ease your heart. She's a mix of green and purple fluorite and perfect for your desk or meditation area.

Raw Fluorite #6: Over One pound of pure gorgeousness, she's a purple with hints of green fluorite kind of girl. 6 X 3 inches with clear layers of quartzite, this piece is like a magical being.