Raw Black Tourmaline T-Rex

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Product Details

For the intention of Cloak of Protection/Sel Confidence

Hail to the Powerful Protector Black Tourmaline. Our Black Tourmaline raw chunks are the T-Rex of minerals. Ridged on the sides, smooth on the top, this powerful and   These gorgeous chunks of high vibe Black Tourmaline will absorb dark energies and calm anxious energy into calm and peace. It'll munch on negative thoughts like T-Rex would scavenge a Triceratops back in the day. Every home needs a chunk of really good Black Tourmaline. 

Size & specifics

Our current stash comes from India and is beyond potent and gorgeous. You can count on a stunning display of polarity in the smoothness of the top and the ridges on the sides. Each piece is unique and carries a silver sheen in the ridges. Your stone is deeply enriched with manganese and iron that together create a charging and magnetic property for grounding and clearing.

Though they vary in size, shape, hue, and texture, we will pick intuitively for you. Each of our pieces is stunning and weighs between 1-1.5 pounds and 3-4 inches long. 

How to use

  • To ward off EMFs, place your black tourmaline chunk on your desk. Place your hand on top of it every now and then and breathe.
  • To clear psychic smog or negative energies, place next to you during meditation or rest. 
  • We like to place a piece at our front and back doors for protection.
  • Black Tourmaline is perfect to use in different rooms of your home to feel calm and protected, grounded and confident. 
  • Great for your office too. It will absorb the negative energies of thoughts and other people.

How to clean

Your Black Tourmaline Raw T-Rex Chunk comes  cleansed and blessed for you. Wipe it with a soft cloth and place out during new moon energy to release what it has absorbed. You may wash under warm water or place in salt every few months for an hour.

A note from our energy expert

This is a really good stone for protection, healing ane clearing. It will connect to your root and basic chakras for clearing and grounding. It will encourage you to find and speak your truth courageously.