Raw black tourmaline

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For the intention of Clearing negative energy/protection 

Raw Black Tourmaline is rich in protective and clearing properties. Our current pieces come from Afghanistan and were sacredly mined by the head of a family who treasures the stones of the planet  

Size and specifics 

Each piece is unique and Carrie’s a shimmer of silver light.  They are rich in texture and cleansed and blessed for your home. Weight is between 8 and 13 ounces  

How to use 

  • Place at your front doorway inside or outside
  • Place in any room that has been geeking heavy in energy. 

  • Use during meditation to cleanse your field of stuck energy and protect you from psychic attacks. 

How to clean

Your Black Tourmaline raw chunk comes cleansed and blessed. You may wipe with a warm, wet cloth and sprinkle with salt after a month of clearing for you.  Place in the sunlight for 30 minutes to clear or out in the full moon light  


Note from our energy expert

This is sn important piece to have in your crystal collection. Black Tourmaline rapidly cleanses negative energy and protects your energy and the energy of your home.