Pink Agate Mystic Tumbles

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Product Details

Pink Agate aids in cultivating mystical and expansive consciousness/intuition. Our Mystic Pink Tumbles promote balance between Yin and Yang, bringing harmony to the mental, emotional, and physical aspects. This stone also cleanses the aura and diminishes negativity.

One can't not look at these stones and fall in love. Each one is unique with different shades of pink and purples.Though tiny, they are potent in energy and will make you smile and exhale.

Size and specifics:

These are small tumbles that weigh approximately 12-14 grams and one inch long. They vary in size, shape, hue, and pinkness. 

How to use:

Tumbles are perfect for on the go to give you a sense of well-being that you have a friend in your pocket or purse. You may also place them next to your other crystals for amplification. 

Pink Agate goes with just about all other crystals especially with the intention of higher consciousness and intuition.

How to clean:

Your pink agate mystic tumbles come cleansed and blessed. Simply wipe with a warm cloth and set out in full moon for amplification.

Note from our energy expert:

These are about the most fun and mystical tumbles in the universe. They'll speak to each human differently. Use to lift your mood and balance the harmonies within.