Magick Mushrooms and Cosmic Stars

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Product Details

Magick Mushrooms- the cosmic kind. 

Each one is carved out of one of Mother Nature's precious stones. We love how they seem to talk to us and bring joy and fun to any day.  Mushrooms signify detox and groundedness. Stars remind us to reach high and believe in our inner power.

We will choose your Magick Mushroom and Cosmic Stars intuitively so that you get the perfect little friend for your crystals.

Our Stars are cosmic too  little sparkles of a reminder that you are one with the cosmos  

Size and specifics

Our Small Mushrooms are crafted out of various crystals and measures one inch long and half inch wide, weighs approx .8 ounces  

Our Mini Mushrooms weigh approx .3 ounces and are half inch long  cute!

Small Cosmic Star is approximately one inch long and wide and weighs .4 ounces 

Mini Cosmic Star is one half inch long and wide and is .2 ounces.