Moonstone Fortune Wafers

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Product Details

For intention of good fortune/ mystical intuition  

This mystical and magical moonstone has been said to have the powers of bringing positivity and good fortune in love and relationships and business. 

We love it’s mysterious and yummy energy. Fung Shui exists use it for creativity and to enhance feminine energy. It’s known to calm emotional stress and provide a tranquil calm to the beholder. 

Size and specifics:

 Our stash is generous in size measuring approximately 2 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. It’s flat like a wafer but big enough to give you the feeling of a powerful palm stone. Hand-carved, each piece is unique and varies in size, hue, and markings. 

How to use:

  • Moonstone will guide you too look within and cleanse your chakras. 
  • You’ll feel a strong clearing in the heart, third eye, and crown chakras. 
  • Place in areas of your home or office where there is tending or friction. Moonstone creates a beautiful balance. 

How to clean:

Wipe with a soft cloth. Avoid too much sunlight but let your moonstone bask away in full moon light. 

Note from our energy expert:

If you love magic and mysticism, harmony and good fortune, then you’ll love carrying a moonstone with you.