Moonstone Palm Stones

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Product Details

For the intention of manifesting, psychic work, passion and fortune-telling, Moonstone will never let you down.  It is especially powerful during Full Moon energy, and can help those seeking to let go during the New Moon.

Our current stash is so potent. Sourced from our sacred vendors in India, each sphere is hand-carved and you'll see many markings and hues of white and green. This is for the crystal lover who wants the "real deal", not an overly polished stone.

Moonstone helps support emotional ups and downs, and just brings a juicy feeling of calm and care to your home.


Size and specifics:

Our current stash is from India and really beautiful juicy energy. Each piece is unique and hand-carved. You can expect your palm stone to measure approx. 3.5X2 inches and weigh approx 4 ounces.


How to use:

  • Set out on your desk one week before Full Moon for extra manifesting abilities. 
  • Hold during meditation and speak into it what it is you desire to manifest and shape in your life. 
  • Allow the energy to flow through your aura and body. It's an exquisite experience.
  • Place next to your bed for dream work.
  • Have out during healing, emotional upsets, or any time you need mystical friend.


How to clean:

Use a warm cloth to wipe every now and then. Place out during new moon to shed energies and place in the full moon light for extra power. She will last you a long, long time.


Note from our energy expert:

As wondrous as our moon, moonstone is a stone that is captivating and powerful. This current stash is potent and will help you in healing, manifesting, and bring you clarity in your psychic work.