Clear Quartz Mini Sphere

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Quanitiy: One Mini Quartz Pocket Spheres
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Product Details

For the Intention of Healing/Amplifying

The Pocket Healer Clear quartz is the mother of all crystals. Her energetic properties heal emotional pain and amplify thoughts, intentions, and the power of your other crystals.

Size & specifics

Small but potent, our Clear Quartz Mini Sphere is approximately 1 inch in diameter and just over an ounce. Inclusions are normal in this crystal created by Mother Earth.

How to use

  • Place near your other crystals or jewelry to clear the energy and amplify
  • Place it on one of our trays (seen here with our Selenite Crescent Moon Tray)
  • Hold it in your palm for deep healing
  • Use during manifesting to create more potent intentions

How to clean

Your Clear Quartz Mini Sphere comes cleansed and blessed for you. In a few months’ time, you may want to place it in saltwater and set it out in the sun. It enjoys the vibe of the new moon.

A note from our energy expert:

Small does not mean less. Use this pocket guru to amplify your higher intentions or to release emotional pain.


Our clients love these because...

"When I carry my mini quartz sphere I always get a parking spot!"

"Someone asked me why my energy was so good the other day...I realized I had two mini quartz spheres in my bag. They just do wonders!"