Light Purple Quartz Sphere

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Product Details

For intention of mystery, magic, and etheric energy.

 Light Purple Quartz Spheres are human-made and remind us that at times, we can do things right.  They are here to lighten up your energy and bring some mystery into your life. This mixture of glass and clear quartz has been reconstituted naturally then heat treated with purple hues and transformed into this shiny and etheric quality sphere.

Size and specifics:

 The clear quartz and glass mixture  has been reconstituted naturally and heat treated to bring about wispy lavendar and light purple hues. 

Each sphere is unique in striations and hues of light purple and periwinkle. Each sphere is strong and stunning measuring approx. 2.5 - 3 inches in diameter and weighing in at 1.4-2 lbs.

How to use

  • Place your Light Purple Sphere near your body during meditation. Allow your physical body and emotional body to embody the mystery of this creation.

  • Program it by speaking a clear intention into it for manifesting mystery, joy, and etheric magnetism
  • Use it as an art piece in your home and it will bring joy, light, and mystery to all. 
  • The color and wispy nature will be highlighted if you place under a light or lamp.

How to clean 

Your Light Purple Sphere comes Cleansed and blessed.  You may wipe with a soft cloth or rinse in warm water.  Place out during Full Moon for amplification. 

Note from our energy expert

If you’re looking for mystery and magic, this is your sphere. Seen below is the Light Purple Sphere on our Illumination Stand.