Labradorite Mystic Sphere

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Product Details

For the intention of higher intuition/ profound knowledge and wisdom.

This gorgeous and rich-in-color Labradorite sphere is a must for the human who seeks higher intuition and more profound knowledge of self.  The mystical iridescent changing colors create a new experience each time you hold it and look into it. Labradorite is all about connecting and tapping into states of higher consciousness and a grounding effect through its representation of all the elements

 One glance and you will see the cosmos of the stars, the earth of our mother, and the waves of the ocean. 

This is the stone of magicians and artists, creators, and mystics and manifestors.

How to use: For the creatives and artists, keep it near you for inspiration and innovation. Your Mystic Sphere will come with a stand so it can be on your desk or workstation.

- For meditation or desire to connect to higher states of consciousness, hold it in your palm and take in 4-8 deep and slow breaths. Allow it to take you where it knows you need to go.

How to clean:  Your Mystic Labradorite Sphere comes cleansed, blessed, and activated for you. All of our blessings are encoded into the crystal for maximum length and use. However, after a month or two, you may want to wipe your sphere with clean water or place in a bowl of salt water for just an hour. Rinse and wipe clean. 

Why the Mystic Labradorite Sphere? Because we are creative beings. Because your heart, soul, and mind align when you are connected to higher states of consciousness. This will expand your ability to intuit information in business, creative projects, and life events. 

Size and specifics:

Each sphere is from Madagascar and varies in color. 

Sphere is approx. 2 inches in diameter and 7-9 ounces

Note from our energy expert:

If you have ever dreamed of being a magician or creating miracles, labradorite is for you.