Kammererite Free Form [Rare quality]

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Product Details

 For the intention of unlocking the key to your soul and higher consciousness.

Kammererite is a powerful gemstone with the potential to unlock spiritual growth. Its deep violet hues act as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms, opening the door to heightened states of awareness and consciousness. 

Kammererite is a fabulously potent stone that is all about awakening, enlightenment and astral travel. Now more than ever humans need to focus on their spiritual power and connection to intuition. Kammererite is exactly the stone to help you with this. 

Kammererite was named after August Alexander Kämmerer, a renowned eighteenth-century Russian "mountain chemist" who specialized in the chemistry of crystals and their effect on the body.

Size and specifics:

These Free Forms are rare in quality and absolutely luscious from our miner in India.  They each vary in size, hues, and shape, but your Kammererite will weigh between 6 -12 ounces and measure at least 3 inches long

They are exquisite pieces from India and will bring you much joy, protection, and spiritual power. We will choose intuitively for you as each piece is unique in size, shape, hue, and weight.

How to use:

  • Kammererite is a perfect stone to use for manifesting abundance and opening up your channels of receiving. Hold your Kammererite as you set an intention for abundance, flexibility, and joy.
  • Place out on your meditation or prayer altar. 
  • Hold in your palm or have next to you during meditation or energy work
  • Place at the front of your home for protection or in any room that feels heavy in energy.


 Note from our energy expert:

By working with Kammererite,  one can expand their understanding of themselves and achieve remarkable new heights. These pieces are so good you'll want to have one in your crystal collection.