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For the intention of unlocking key to your Soul's bliss/Akashic Records for secrets of the Universe for your cosmic being

Kammererite is a fabulously potent stone that is all about awakening, enlightenment and astral travel. Now more than ever humans need to focus on their spiritual power and connection to intuition. Kammererite is exactly the stone to help you with this. 

We love our current spheres from India as the energy is in the spiritual realms and each has a unique power to it. Kammererite has the frequency that supports astral travel and lucid dream work, as well as expanded consciousness.

Size and specifics:

Each sphere is hand-carved and from our sacred source in India and an abundance of high frequency energy. Color, size, weight vary per sphere.


 Sphere:  Approximately 2.75 inches in diameter and  1.2 lbs

How to use:

  • Place next to you during remote viewing or intuitive guidance sessions
  • Use during meditation by setting an intention for seeking a higher state of consciousness and guidance
  • Place in your bedroom only if you want to work on lucid dreaming or astral travel. (We suggest you do this carefully as not all travel is safe.) 

How to clean:

Kammererite loves new moon energy and warm soft cloths. Use our Blessed Spray to spritz it and cleanse off any energy it has taken on that is unnecessary.

Note from our energy expert:

This is one of the strongest stones available both physically and spiritually. If you do energy work on yourself or others, psychic or astral work, Kammererite is essential. I have it around me for rare intuitive guidance that all seekers desire.